Everything was wet even his gun.  Mitch sat on the ground drying his boots in the sunlight no matter that this winter sun was weak.  He had spread his anorak over some nearby rocks.  He was hoping more that the breeze would dry the coat rather than the sunshine.

That grizzly had ran him right off a precipice into the lake below.  He hadn’t been planning a swim.  He wanted to increase his mileage away from where he left her remains in that shallow grave under some brush. He’d been walking for days in case someone might pursue him. The solitude had closed in on him last evening when he closed his eyes to sleep under some pine branches for shelter.

This morning, Mitch woke slowly in the mid-morning sunlight.  After rising, he wandered over to cliff to look at the water below which glimmered in the morning sunlight.  He was looking for a path to go down to the water.  He heard the bear grunt behind him before he was aware of the animal’s approach.  He quickly turned to see the giant beast standing between him and safety on the ground.  The grunt became a warning growl.  He had to leap into the cool water below with no recourse to land.  The bear didn’t follow Mitch’s course of action.

When Mitch surfaced, he didn’t see the grizzly above him or in the water.  He swam over to shore which was an exhausting effort.  After resting an hour or two, he began to take his gun apart in order to dry the components.  His hunting knife needed dry air also.  He was hungry.  Mitch began a visual survey of the surrounding forest for berries and nuts to eat.  Pine cones seemed worthless right then.

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