Lazy K

     Amber thought that this year’s trip to the Lazy K Ranch was as lackadaisical as the plains that surrounded this roundabout oasis containing a lake and riding trails.  Amber’s family made the trip for two weeks every other year to the Lazy K.  Amber was seventeen this year and hoped this visit would be her last one to the ranch. She had finally met her match in a fifteen year old boy named Will who didn’t notice she even existed.  She had met him a week ago at a picnic, but he rarely looked up from his phone or his tablet.  He seemed to be either online a lot or engrossed in a nerd project of some kind.

     Today, they were in a group of ten teens joined together for a horse-ride.  He couldn’t ride the horse and stare into an electronic device during this outing, could he?  She approached him on horseback and said she’d seen him a lot with his phone.  Maybe she could text him sometime?  Will gave her his cell phone number and said he liked online games.

     “Sure, you can send me a text,” he urged her.

     Amber deliberated different ways of representing herself to Will, narrowing her choices down to an Avatar or a Sexting Queen.  She was certainly older than him and probably more experienced with teenage sexual relations. She sent him a greeting text.  Will replied with a street-fighter avatar from a popular online game.  She decided to definitely not reply with an avatar image.  Instead, she decided a simple and country-fresh presentation would be more inviting to Will.  Amber kept it simple for a day or two.

     Amber quickly became cognizant that this ranch romance was only a scheme in her head.  Will seemed sexually uninterested in her.


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